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Paper Horses

August 4, 2013

Visual Spicer Pagani Zonda PaperCraft


Let’s face it. You’re never gonna own the supercar of your dreams. And there’s only so many times that your lawyer is willing to defend your case in court for raking up yet another speeding ticket in that 15 year old beater (those Isotoner driving gloves sure look sharp though).

Enter Visual Spicer and his line of papercraft models. For 1/4 of the cost of your hour in court you can nab that Pagani Zonda you’ve been drooling over for years. Print, cut, paste, repeat.

Just be sure to thank us when you get out of the pokey.

Visual Spicer Pagani Zonda PaperCraft Model

Visual Spicer Pagani Zonda PaperCraft Run



August 4, 2013

The H(it) Man

July 1, 2013

Rick Rubin The Hit Man

Rick Rubin, chief dude of Def Jam Records and American Recordings has been helping artists churn out chart-topping hits since the 1980s.

This article should help you compile your summer roadtrip jams. Enjoy.

Wing Walk

June 24, 2013

Jane Wicker - Wing Walk


This site generally focuses on things that have happened in the past as a way to better understand our present, but every so often a force of nature occurs wherein the past and present align.

By now you may have heard about the terrible aviation accident last weekend in Dayton, Ohio that resulted in the deaths of famed Wing Walker, Jane Wicker and her pilot, Charlie Schwenker. Social media took this story and ran rampant with it over the past few days, therefore I will not rehash here. Nor will I repost video of the crash as it is extremely graphic.

I will say that I did get an opportunity to witness this duo in action last month at the Manassas Regional Air Show (4th photo from top), and marveled at their derring-do. For they died living the way they loved and loved living out their dreams.

“Fear is the Thief of Dreams” – Brian Krans

The Family Drive-In Theatre – Stephens City, VA

June 16, 2013

Family Drive-In Theater, Stephens City, VA


I have been itching to get down to the Family Drive-In Theatre in Stephens City, Virginia since I first read about it online a few years back. Having grown up in Texas in the late 70s and early 80s, I remember staring out the backseat window on night time drives down highway 45 and seeing brightly lit screens off into the distance. Those gradually dwindled up until our move to Virginia in 1987. I missed my chance to have an authentic drive-in experience by just a few years.

According to the Family Drive-In website they opened on June 14, 1956 and are the only drive-in left in the Washington, DC Metro Area. As an early Father’s Day gift my parents and I trekked an hour into the mountains with hopes to catch the double-feature of Man of Steel and Fast & Furious VI. The absolute best part about this mountain gem is that they air first-run movies for only $8 per person. They beat you over the head about the slow extinction of drive-in’s nationwide and to visit their concession stand often; as consession sales are a huge part of their business. They are also in dire need to convert to digital and suggest contributions to their digital fund. The place was absolutely slammed on a Saturday night so there is no doubt that they will get their money. Unfortunately Man of Steel was full, but we paid to see Epic and The Internship instead (they have two screens).

Movies start at 9 and run well into the early hours of the morning. Pack warm clothes and blankets because it gets cold up there in the Appalachians.

I plan to go back in late September for the Classic Cars Under the Stars event. Stay tuned!

Pay Gate at the Family Drive-In Theatre

The Host with the Most at the Family Drive-In Theatre

Concessions at the Family Drive-In Theatre

Window Speaker at the Family Drive-In Theater

Row #2 at the Family Drive-In Theater

Patrons ready for the start of Man of Steel at the Family Drive-In Theatre

Vintage Ford at the Family Drive-In Theatre

Showtime at the Family Drive-In Theatre

2013 British and European Classic Motorcycle Day

May 22, 2013



Another British and European Classic Motorcycle Day is in the books. This was my fourth year in attendance, and while the numbers were small due to rain, I never fail to come across something unique. Like that 1950s Ariel with the Square Four engine and the 1923 Norton with sidecar…absolutely stunning. The owner even fired her up and gave us a tour around the old girl.

Enjoy the photos.





























May 15, 2013


Hey folks,

Trying my best Martha Stewart here, but this isn’t usually my schtick. Short story short – I saw a recipe knocking around the interwebs the other day and thought I’d give it a try. It came out so well that I decided to share it here. It’s called Shakshuka and from what I understand it is a traditional Middle Eastern egg casserole. Easy to make and perfect for brunch at home with the family or around a campfire with friends.

I don’t always follow exact ingredient lists, but this is a general idea of what you’ll need:

-1 dozen large eggs

-1 small can of diced or chopped tomatoes

-1 red pepper

-1 small yellow or white onion

-1 clove of garlic

-1 small container of feta cheese

-1 sprig of cilantro

-1 teaspoon cumin powder

-1 teaspoon chili powder

-1 teaspoon paprika

-salt and pepper to taste



1) Chop up the red pepper and onion. Mince the garlic and then…


2) Add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to a large pan or iron skillet (as shown), and simmer the goods for about ten minutes. You basically want your onions to be transluscent and the peppers soft, then…


3) Incorporate one small can of diced or chopped tomatoes. I went with a private label store brand…nothing fancy. Then add almost the entire container of feta cheese while stirring in your spices, turn off the heat and then…


4) Crack any number of eggs across the surface of your casserole. I ultimately went with 7. Place the pan uncovered in your preheated oven. The original recipe calls for 10 minutes, but I found that it took almost 20. I wanted over-easy eggs without completely nuking the filler underneath. Throw on some sprigs of cilantro and voila (top photo)!

The verdict? This dish came out great as full-on veg, but carnivores might also want to add ground turkey, sausage, etc. I would recommend more chili powder if you like your food spicy. It would also go well with a bit of nan, lavash, or some other form of crusty bread.


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